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Flight scope ball flight analysis system

FlightScope  X2, is the next generation 3D club and ball tracking radar that allows you to measure and see swing, club and ball data on your smart phone or tablet with no PC required. Take your game to the next level with the X2, the world's most accurate and portable golf launch monitor.

The ultimate in slow motion replay, the Casio FX-1 camera is used during any video coaching session. This camera, as used on Sky Sports golf coverage is the market leader in slowing down golf swings. This ensures that the student can be certain that nothing is left to chance. The ball can even be seen leaving the clubface! This unique high specification camera is the market leader in golf coaching.

State of the art, high speed / slow motion playback as used by Sandy Smith

V1 Pro - Swing Analysis Software as used by Sandy Smith

The V1 Digital Coaching System is the most advanced golf instruction software available. The V1 system allows you to view, analyse, and diagnose faults with your swing simply and precisely. V1 gives you a clear understanding of your current golf swing and how to improve it – the key to lower scoring – and less frustration!

The system allows teaching professionals to capture a golf swing and provide analysis through interactive playback of the recorded motion.

Increase the effectiveness of instruction 79% of golfers feel the use of V1 Pro by teaching professionals will increase or significantly increase the effectiveness of golf lessons.

Aid the learning experience

Visualisation is key to improvement. V1 Pro makes it possible to show students exactly what is happening with their swing. Golfers are instantly able to see adjustments made and improvement in their swing. Visit the V1 Golf website at

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Sandy Smith Coaching Tariff
(with Video analysis or Trackman)








Group Coaching

Get your friends together and have a fun day out with Sandy at Ladybank Golf Club.

Half and Full Day Golf Schools












Pix n Mix Package Tarriff

50% supplement if two people share

Whilst I enjoy giving quick fix lessons to people who are in need of instant help, I much prefer building a longer lasting relationship with my clients. This way it can be more beneficial to the player who can expect longer lasting patterns of play and better results. By acting as a team with players, showing regular support and encouragement I feel I can really hit home my message and improve the golfer as an all round player.

Coaching and Lessons

This includes talking through an initial goal setting plan (Free of Charge). There after depending on how intensive you would like the lessons to be, I have various rates noted below to suit all levels of golfer. I recommend all established players to take time out for coaching every 2-4 weeks. This ensures that we are always building, monitoring and improving areas of weakness whilst maintaining areas of strength.

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